There are more than 7,000 tigers in this country, more than exist in the wild in the rest of the world. They are the result of unrestricted tiger breeding for cubs to display at fairs, malls and roadside zoos. When cubs become adults they are too costly to care for and will not be taken by AZA zoos so they wind up living miserable lives in substandard facilities and die prematurely of neglect, abuse or killed for their parts because they have no place to go.

There are, however, true sanctuaries with dedicated, knowledgeable people doing exceptional work. These sanctuaries have land, infrastructure, procedures and people in place and could accept more tigers, but are unable to because of the additional financial burden of rescues, initial medical care and additional enclosures.  Currently these sanctuaries turn away 150 tigers each year, which is effectively a death sentence for every tiger they have to refuse.

Tigers in America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization EID 45-4998901 started in 2011 and funded to:

(1)  Identify the best tiger sanctuaries in this country

(2)  Support their rescues of unwanted or abused tigers

(3)  Help them construct new enclosures to take in additional tigers

(4)  Raise the awareness of the general public about this condition

(5)  Solicit support from like-minded foundations and corporations

We are an approved charity for the Combined Federal Campaign and our ID is 40138.


In the summer of 2011 we received a call saying there were tigers in a bankrupt Texas sanctuary that would be euthanized by the end of the year. The bankruptcy proceeding had been going on since 2010, and while other animals had been placed no one wanted or could accept these tigers.

Finding a home for them was a challenge. There are more than 130 organizations listed as sanctuaries for tigers in the United States. We researched and/or visited many of them and realized there is no restriction on the use of the word sanctuary in a corporate name, so any breeder, exhibitor, dealer or roadside zoo can set up a company, acquire tax exempt status, advertise and solicit donations as a tiger sanctuary. The word sanctuary means nothing to the tigers, their living conditions, their life span or their ultimate end.

We funded the rescue of 7 of the tigers and got them to homes at true sanctuaries, to live out their lives free from abuse, the obligation to perform or the risk of being sold into the illegal trade.

 Andre                                                     Amanda                                               Arthur

Christian                                        Kizmet                                       Marcus                                           Max       

We will be forever grateful to Patty Finch from GFAS for introducing us into the world of captive bred tigers in this country and Carole and Howard Baskin from Big Cat Rescue and Pam Fulk from Carolina Tiger Rescue for providing homes for these tigers. The tigers were transported by more wonderful people: Laura and JT from Loving Friends Transport and Pat Craig from  THE WILD ANIMAL SANCTUARY.

To see the rescues of these seven tigers go to the rescue videos below. To see information about all of our rescues, go to RESCUES. And if you'd like to see more about the big cats we have helped, the sanctuaries we work with, and what we think is important on a day to day basis, follow us on Facebook.


Kizmet, Marcus and Christian as cubs 





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