We rescue and relocate tigers from abusive or vulnerable facilities to true sanctuaries, for lifetime care in a safe home. We support genetic research for anti-trafficking in tigers and tiger parts.

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City.

They Have Not Lost Their Ability to Fascinate and We Should Not Lose Our Ability to Care.

201118 tigers killed on a farm in Zanesville Ohio
TIA formed
20127 tigers rescued from failed roadside zoo in Texas
TIA begins research and documenting
201328 tigers rescued from a breeder in Arkansas
2014TIA identifies best tiger sanctuaries in the country
2015TIA funds rescues and builds enclosures
2016TIA shuts down Colorado breeder 75 tigers rescued
TIA expands scope (Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Cougars, Jaguars)
2017TIA joins Animal Grantmakers
2017TIA begins genetics project
2018First air rescue – from Saipan Zoo
2019Shutdown Wildlife Waystation – largest roadside in country
TIA expands scope (Bears and Wolves)
2020Shutdown Joe Exotic (Tiger King)
TIA expands scope (all animals)
2021TIA expands scope (international) Europe, Southeast Asia
2022Shutdown Doug Terranova – 9 tigers
Largest supplier of tiger acts for traveling circuses
2022International rescues: Thailand, Argentina, Romania, Canada, Ukraine
2023TIA partners with FOUR PAWS
2024TIA begins big cat Medicare program