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There are more tigers in America than in the wild in the rest of the world.
They are the product of unregulated breeding.



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Contrary to the Conservation message of exhibitors, no tiger has ever been introduced into the wild.



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Bred only for amusement to supply roadside zoos with tiger cubs used for pay to pet operations created a surplus of tigers.

White Tigers


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The term Royal White Tiger was invented by a Las Vegas night club act. Not a unique species, a recessive gene produces the white coat.

Cub Petting


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You can pet, hold, walk, run or swim with a tiger cub for a fee. After 100 days they are too dangerous to hold and are dumped.

Illegal Trade


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In America a live adult tiger can be purchased for $200, their parts are worth $10,000.
A tiger is worth more dead than alive.

Roadside Zoos


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You can keep a 500 lb. tiger in a space the size of your bathroom, feed it roadkill and garbage for its entire life, it is all perfectly legal.

Bad Laws


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With $40 and ID you can get a Federal license to breed and exhibit tigers. There is no limit to the number of tigers you may own.



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PAWS undertook the largest tiger rescue in U.S. history, saving 39 starving tigers from a roadside zoo in Colton, CA. This is their story.



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In 1833 Isaac Van Amburgh entered a tiger cage, beat them and dared them to attack. The tiger act became a part of the American-style circus. It still continues.

Tiger Mills


Facility that constantly breeds and sells tigers, especially cubs. This is story of the shutdown of one of these mills and the relocation of 75 tigers.