Good News – We Are Entering the Age of Empathy

Jul 2023Siegfried & Roy tigers, lions, and leopards relocated to TIA sanctuaries
Jan 2023Mountain lion rescue
Dec 2022Big Cat Public Safety Act signed by President Biden
Nov 2022Secret Garden at Mirage Hotel closes
Oct 2022Ukraine lions rescue
Aug 2022Canada cats rescue
Jul 2022Black Jaguar White Tiger (Mexico City) shut down
Mar 2022Doug Terranova (tiger contractor for circuses) closes
Dec 2021Dade City Wild guilty of “cub handling” violates ESA
Oct 2021Columbus Zoo Loses AZA accreditation for renting cats
Aug 2021Tiger King Zoo all remaining animals removed
May 2021Tiger King Zoo 68 Tigers & Hybrids removed (per ESA)
Apr 2021Jack Hanna retires after being fired from Columbus Zoo
Jan 2021Siegfried dies
Jan 2021Tiger King Zoo 14 Tigers removed at request of US DOJ
Oct 2020Joe Exotic Zoo TIA shut down at request of USDA
Sep 2020Wildlife in Need TIA shut down – Attorney General of Indiana
Mar 2020Tiger King released, Netflix reality show raises awareness
Aug 2019John Cuneo, largest commercial white tiger breeder, dies
Aug 2019Wildlife Waystation TIA shutdown at request of CDFW
Jul 2019New York State – first to ban declaw of cats
Nov 2018New Jersey bans circuses with animals
Sep 2018Joe Exotic, biggest tiger breeder in the country, arrested
Jul 2017NYC bans circuses with animals
May 2017Ringling closes after 146 years
Feb 2017Serenity Springs purchased & closed by TIA, 90 big cats relocated
Apr 2016Generic tigers returned to Endangered Species classification
Mar 2016Sea World stops breeding
Feb 2016Jungle Book (Disney movie) all CGI
July 2015Cecil the Lion killed, airlines ban trophy transport
Aug 2014Tiger selfies banned in NY State
July 2013Blackfish released, Sea World stock drops 70%
Sep 2012Canned Hunts: “60 min” reveals zoos supply canned hunts ranches
Jun 2012Zanesville: 35 tigers & lions killed, Ohio bans big cat ownership
Sep 2011Tigers in America formed, rescues 7 tigers in Texas (WAO)