Natasha was born in 1997. She and Raja came to Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB) in September 2002. Examining Natasha on arrival, LTB keepers thought there was a possibility she was pregnant. The stress of the move and the desperate situation she came from caused concerns for her health. But with her introduction into a spacious enclosure and LBT’s careful attention to her nutrition, Natasha soon began showing small belly bulges, and started to look and feel much better. At the peak of her pregnancy, she looked like she had a bowling ball on each side of her belly. In November 2002, Natasha gave birth to two female cubs, named Tabu and Sitarra (aka “the Girls”). Natasha was a perfect mother to her cubs and they have all flourished.

Natasha now spends her days lounging around and on her den with Raja, splashing in the pool (she loves splashing her caretakers when they walk by) and playing with her toys. She is very vocal when it comes to food. LTB has yet to find anything that Natasha won’t eat—she loves EVERYTHING. Her keepers believe that the reason Natasha survived for 5 years in that dismal cage in Texas is Raja—if Natasha had been alone she may not have lived.

— at Lions Tigers & Bears