Part of the Group

While they lived in Texas the keepers who cared for them called Max a perimeter male, a tiger who was tolerated but not included in the give-and-take of the original littermates.

At Carolina Tiger Rescue, Max was put into an enclosure immediately adjoining that of Christian and Kizmet. After months of observing friendly interactions among the three tigers across the fence boundary, the Carolina keepers decided that they would all benefit from sharing a single large enclosure.

When the enclosures were connected, first the tigers switched sides to see what the other place looked like and explore. Then they settled down to a relaxed routine with only an occasional discussion.

As you can see in the photo, Max is thrilled to be part of the group and adores Christian. Christian is the more dignified elder. He prefers to stay in the background and watch while Kizmet and Max approach visitors with friendly curiosity and greetings.

— at Carolina Tiger Rescue