Kamali in the Sun With Flowers

Photo by Michelle Roberts.

Runner up in the 2023 Tigers in America-Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries annual photo and video contest to celebrate International Tiger Day.

“Kamali and three other tigers came to Cedarhill on a cold December morning. Transported from a facility that needed downsizing their tiger population. We all welcomed them with open arms. Kamali wasn’t quick to trust, and she paced her enclosure for months. Refusing to eat and being quite defiant to her caretakers. We gave her all the time and space she needed to begin to trust again. She’s a very happy tiger who absolutely LOVES her pool (as you can see) and she can be seen everyday swimming (even in the winter!). We love Kamali very much and we are so happy that she can spend her days in peace and tranquility.”

— at Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary