Story Maps – Submissions From Middlebury College –

Alexis M. Mychajliw, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

By Sahalie Pittman, Gabe Lefkowitz, and Ryan Wheatley

The fate of tiger subspecies in the US. By Warren Galloway, Sanjana Roy, and Myles Stokowski

The problem with America’s favorite big cat. By Daphné Halley, Emily Lieb, and Ashley Wrean

Though they might look cute, tigers don’t make good pets. By Elizabeth Kroger, Jack Cornish, and Allison Suddaby

The truth is, not all tigers are the same! By Courtney Gantt, Charlie Pratt, and Christian Bolding

An exploration of past and present roadside zoos in the US and their treatment of captive tigers. By Lauren Gemery, Malia Armstrong, and Emma Roman

The importance of enrichment in fostering happy and healthy captive tigers. By Simone Ameer, Grace Kellogg, and Maggie Swanson