A Ride to New Forever Homes

We called Loving Friends Transport in Clearwater, Florida and they had a break in their heavy schedule of transporting dogs from puppy mills and overcrowded animal shelters to new homes in Florida and said they could give the tigers—and later, the lions—a ride to new forever homes at good sanctuaries, a round trip of 8700 miles.

Scott and Emily from Turpentine Creek drove to Missouri to help load the tigers into the transport cages and on to the Loving Friends rig (heated and outfitted with video to monitor the tigers between stops) and they started on their journey.

Caroline traveled with Christopher from Missouri to Nevada. Along the way they were sidelined by snow and ice storms but the tigers traveled well and were friendly and chuffing the entire trip.

Here is a picture of Caroline being moved in her transport cage to her new spacious enclosure.