Kylo Ren Walks on Water

Photo by David Smith.

Finalist in the 2020 Tigers in America-Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries annual photo and video contest to celebrate International Tiger Day.

Kylo, Kenobi and Anakin known as the Jedi boys, all less than 2 yrs old when rescued are now growing up together at In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Texas. Kylo Ren is a white tiger born to two rescued white tigers, Assad and Zahra, who were found apparently abandoned in Laredo. Ren was a solo unable to be cared for by his mother. The ISE care team kept him alive and were able to socialize him with Kenobi who was abandoned while being smuggled across the border in Brownsville and achieved transient fame as The Duffel Bag Cub. Anakin joined the when their breeder gave him up because he was just too much trouble. All three boys adore being in the water.