Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

Photo by Matthew Barberio.

Finalist in the 2022 Tigers in America-Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries annual photo and video contest to celebrate International Tiger Day.

Kya the white Bengal Tiger arrived at Popcorn Park in 2013 at the age of 3. When Kya was accepted at a zoo in Maryland at 6 months, she was already experiencing some sight issues as a result of her inbred genetics. Over the next 2-½ years, Kya’s glaucoma progressed until she was completely blind, and although the zoo cared very much for Kya, they could no longer accommodate her. One of Popcorn Park’s veterinarians heard of Kya’s plight, and and she was soon rescued. An existing tiger compound was made safe for Kya, and she soon adapted wonderfully despite her handicap.

— at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge