Tigers in America Receives Award From Peter Emily

The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF) Annual Recognition Award is given to a person who has demonstrated leadership and contribution to the PEIVDF.

The award includes an 18kt gold tiger pendant/lapel pin, created by Peter Emily, and an accompanying certificate! The tiger is the most frequently treated captive sanctuary or zoo animal by the Foundation dentists.

Previous PEIVDF Recognition Award Recipients

2010: Steven E. Holmstrom
2011: Edward R. Eisner
2012: Clarence Sitzman
2013: Barron Hall
2014: Trudy Howerter & Kathy Pershing
2015: Russell Farrelly

2016: Michelle D. Hall
2017: Charles E. Dyer
2018: Brian J. Hewitt
2019: Susanne Pilla
2020: Covid 19 – No Award
2021: Tina Brandon-Abbatangelo

The Twelfth Annual PEIVDF Recognition Award

  • Two people truly dedicated to their cause, with heart and actions well documented.
  • Both are involved in the day-to-day operation of the Tigers In America foundation, including research, and organizing & attending rescues, including those of PEIVDF.
  • Participating in a continuous and loyal donation stream to PEIVDF, including covering our equipment shipping expenses.
  • Steadfast in their commitment to PEIVDF , truly understanding and supporting the need for dental treatment for captive animals.
Kizmin Reeves and William Nimmo
Tigers In America

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