A tiger walking through dry grass
Saving Tigers in America: Part 3

The Tide is Turning. By Andrew and Kathleen …

UncategorizedFebruary 14, 2022
Three tigers sitting side by side
Saving Tigers in America: Part 2

Tigers Everywhere, The USA Tiger Sanctuary Challenge. By Andrew and Kathleen …

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A close-up of a tiger's face
Saving Tigers in America: Part 1

There are between 5,000 and 10,000 tigers in America. By Andrew …

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A lion behind a chain link fence
Guam Rescue

Three cats on the roof of a hotel with no place to go

UncategorizedApril 9, 2021
A tiger in shadow, with fences all around
The Trouble with Tigers in America

As a subculture of enthusiasts raises and breeds the big cats, authorities now say there probably are more of the animals in cages in the United States than in the wild across the world. By Karin Brulliard

UncategorizedJuly 12, 2019
A lion with ribs visible, holding a food dish in his mouth
Saipan Zoo Rescue

Lion and tiger in a zoo damaged by typhoon

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A white tiger lying down beside a red ball
American Tiger

Thousands of captive tigers in the U.S. are hiding in plain sight in private homes and roadside zoos, caged proof of a society gone haywire. By Kate Campbell

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