Middlebury College Story Maps 2023

Tiger face behind bars

Middlebury College is a private liberal arts college in Middlebury, Vermont. Founded in 1800 by Congregationalists, Middlebury was the first operating college or university in Vermont. It is considered one of the finest Liberal Arts Colleges in the country and in 1965, established the first undergraduate Environmental Studies program in the United States.

Alexis M. Mychajliw is an Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies at Middlebury and dedicates one of her classes to the study of tigers. The class is assembled into groups that research and explore an aspect of captive tigers and the result is presented in the form of a story map.

Ellie Armstrong has accepted the offer to be Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Genomics at the University of California, Riverside and has been an advisor to Alexis and her students on the tiger projects.

Tigers in America is happy to support Alexis, Ellie and the students who provided this year’s truly remarkable story maps.

Story Maps – Submissions From Middlebury College –

Alexis M. Mychajliw, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

South Africa is one of the largest exporters of big cat body parts in the world. By Imran Ladha, Ky Bissell, and Emily Power

The United States’ captive tigers have received significant publicity recently, but what is going on across the pond? By Anika Jessup, Zach Trichas, and Kate Swart

Breaking down the complicated web of captive tiger breeding and its role in conservation efforts across the globe. By Eli DiBari, Chad Kim, and Joseph Goldstein