The Power of Twos

Group of people at Zoo de Granby

In August of 2020 we received a call from Cherry Brook Zoo in Canada. They were bankrupt and had placed all but four animals, two tigers and two lions. These cats had been taken in by Cherry Brook when an exhibitor was closed after being charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty involving these cats. At the moment there was no space in any of the Canadian zoos. The cats’ prospects were not good, but Cherry Brook would keep them alive if we would take them. We agreed. We were also told moving big cats from Canada to the U.S. during Covid was impossible.

2 years later on July 26 2022 they arrived at Popcorn Park Refuge in New Jersey, where they will spend the rest of their lives, thanks to:

2 Canadian zoos: Cherry Brook (Martha McDevitt and Erin Brown)
and Zoo de Granby (Karl Fournier and Chantal Routhier)

2 TIA sanctuaries: Popcorn Park (forever home) – John Bergman
and In-Sync Exotics (transport) – Eddie Keahey and Mike White

2 Government agencies: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Kathleen Holmes and Mike Huber)
Canadian Fish and Wildlife permits – Isabelle Menard (Granby)

2 Coordinators: Renee Szorosy (permits and logistics)
and Dr. Ellie Armstrong (genetics and classification)

2 Vets: Dr. Paluch and Dr. Samantha King (Popcorn Park)

And the beneficiaries:

2 Lions

2 Tigers