The Visit

Lions, Tigers & Beers has become an annual event at the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge in Forked River, New Jersey. It was conceived to raise awareness about captive big cats in this country as well as the true sanctuaries who provide them with lifetime care. Local craft beer vendors offered samples as we visited the animals.

John Bergmann, who runs the Park, and Rene Szorosy travelled with us to Canada in 2022 to pick up 4 big cats from a failed zoo and with the help of In-Sync Exotics brought tigers Jules and Jonathan and lions Aslan and Savannah to the Park. They became the incentive for the event. And each season the event has been more successful than the last. This year was no exception, and we were happy to be among the 1,000 people in attendance.

Back row L–R: Chrissy, Mike, Melanie, Regina, Danny
Front row L–R: Mindy, Alan, Bill

It was a joy to see the big cats from Canada settled into their new and spacious enclosures and living proof that it is possible to get big cats out of bad places and allow them to live out their lives free from fear, abuse, or the obligation to perform.

Popcorn Park is one of best sanctuaries on the East Coast and TIGERS IN AMERICA was happy to provide the funding to enable these cats to be relocated to Popcorn.