Cedarhill Art Exhibit in New Albany, MS

An exhibit of artwork done by animals from Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary will be at the Union County Heritage Museum from 2 June–21 July 2023. Painting (with non-toxic paints) is an enrichment activity for the animals. Art sales go directly back to help the animals.

For more information visit outofthewildart.com

Photo from Out of the Wild website.

The Cedarhill / Kay McElroy Story

It started with a newspaper ad in 1987. “Six month old Cougar cub for sale. $1000”

Kay found the cub chained in a dog pen with badly infected paws from a botched declaw job. She had just moved to Mississippi and was short on funds so she offered an old tractor in trade for the cub.

At first, the man refused but after two weeks changed his mind and brought the cub to Kay at what would become his forever home. After days of phone calls trying to find him a home at a zoo or rehabilitation center, Kay came to the realization that she either had to build an enclosure for him or have him euthanized. Finding the second option unbearable, she poured her heart and soul into giving the cub, named Zack, the best life and care possible. Zack was the beginning of Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary, which would become her life’s work and greatest challenge. Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary was incorporated in 1990.

In 1993, Kay realized that the problem of displaced exotics was bigger than her own backyard. She held a small conference at the sanctuary with representatives from seven states. It was then that she and those present began to understand the magnitude of the horrible plight of exotic animals in the United States.

Kay McElroy

Kay McElroy: 1944–2019

She was a mentor, an animal lover, animal rescue pioneer. Her legacy will live on through the sanctuary she built, the many animals she helped and the people she taught. Kay was the voice of animals in need that could not speak for themselves. Those who know her will fondly remember her for her utter dedication to the mission of saving those who were abused; neglected, forgotten by the people they depended on. She worked tirelessly to stop animal exploitation, abuse and neglect.

The sanctuary and the mission will go on…

“Caring for animals is not what I do, it’s who I am.”

We met Kay in 2014 when Cedarhill became a member of Tigers in America and have supported Cedarhill as one of the best sanctuaries in this country.