Lions in Sudan

Sudan has been considered a war zone since April 2023 due to internal armed conflicts. Lack of electricity, food, and water caused 5 million people to leave the country. Sudan Animal Rescue (SAR), a local rescue center, asked for help to evacuate a number of lions from their facility.

Both conflict parties granted permission to allow a rescue team to enter the capital city, Khartoum, to evacuate the animals. On 19 and 20 November, FOUR PAWS, together with local support, evacuated the 15 African lions plus 5 hyenas, 1 serval, 1 sand cat, 1 genet, 2 gazelles, 2 eagles, 6 cranes, 1 stork, 5 peafowls, and 7 guineafowls.

FOUR PAWS has been supporting SAR with costs for food, medicine, and staff, and provided veterinary knowledge and advice. TIGERS IN AMERICA has helped with the cost of construction of transport cages, vet care, and transportation.

The animals were relocated to a safe area in Um Barona National Park. The Sudanese Wildlife authorities will now take over the care of the animals and look into a sustainable long-term solution.