Little Foxes

With more land available EFRC took in their first non-cat species, foxes. To date they have taken in 13 foxes and committed to take in and provide lifetime care for two more.

Kelly is a very beautiful color morph red fox. Coming from Treehouse Wildlife Center in Illinois, he was surrendered by his previous owner when she moved out of state and left him in the care of someone who did not want to care for him. He is settling into his new home at EFRC in the company of other foxes.

This is Jasper, a wild fox with a tough start in life. He was shot and then hit by a car. He also suffers from mange and bad teeth. Treehouse Wildlife Center in Illinois took him in and gave him great care but his leg had to be amputated so he could not return to the wild. EFRC was called and agreed to take him. He will receive special care, as he deserves it.

TIGERS in AMERICA was happy to provide the funding for transport and enclosures for the foxes.