Eli and Jess

This December marks the 15th birthday of Eli and Jess the tigers.

This brother and sister pair came to Popcorn Park from Colorado in December 2016, having been part of a rescue operation by Tigers in America and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Originally from an animal facility with 115 animals, including 75 tigers, they needed relocation due to the declining health of the facility’s operator. Popcorn Park was privileged to receive a call to provide a new home for them.

Upon arrival, Popcorn Park ensured their comfort and carried out essential renovations to their den, pond, and exercise yard. After three days of exploration, Eli and Jess made the space their own, even engaging in a playful game of tag. Eli, the more easygoing of the two, quickly settled in, enjoying his days roaming, sunbathing, and wading in the pond, always making time for playful moments with his sister.