Popcorn Park Welcomes a New Lion

Lion Kanu lived in Pennsylvania until life took a turn when he lost his mate. Recognizing his need for companionship and a change in environment, his previous caregivers decided to relocate him to Popcorn Park where he could be near other lions.

Kanu arrived just before Christmas 2023 and settled in quickly. He is gradually familiarizing himself with his new surroundings, showing a keen interest in the other big cats, especially his neighbor Simba. He quickly forms strong bonds with his keepers and is curious about visitors. One of his most endearing quirks is carrying his paw in his mouth and hopping around his enclosure—a sight that brings smiles to everyone.

As Kanu adjusts to his new home, Popcorn Park is dedicated to providing him with the best care, including medical attention, a nutritious diet, enriching activities, and the love and companionship he deserves.

Tigers in America was happy to provide the funding for transport for Kanu.