Thailand Tigers

We are grateful to the Thai government’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife for taking action against an illegal wildlife trade tiger facility in northern Thailand and to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) who were on hand to rescue the seized animals. This was the first part of the largest tiger rescue operation by an NGO in Thailand’s history. We are hopeful that all the big cats (35 tigers and 18 Leopards) will eventually be rescued from this breeding facility.

The first fifteen animals chosen were those most in need of medical care. Emaciated, elderly tigress Salamas (pictured) was the first to be rescued. Other cats rescued include a timid tigress known only as “A-1”, a senior male named Rambo who has breathing difficulties, and three leopards.

They all spent their entire lives in small, concrete enclosures. Their new home at WFFT will be the first time many of them will have felt grass beneath their paws and sunlight on their fur.

The rescued tigers and leopards will now receive medical care and a permanent home where they can roam forested land, socialize with other tigers, and swim in the lake.

Tigers in America funded transportation and medical care for this rescue.

All photos – Credit: Amy Jones/WFFT