Cub with Bone Disease to Receive Lifelong Care

The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has taken in a 9-month-old tiger cub who has a serious bone condition as a result of inadequate nutrition. The cub, Cleo, was confiscated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and initially transported to the Oakland Zoo.

PAWS Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Jackie Gai said Cleo’s condition greatly improved under the care of Oakland Zoo and PAWS is cautiously optimistic that she will continue to improve. At PAWS’s sanctuary in San Andreas, Cleo will be provided with the specialized support she requires for the rest of her life. Her enclosure and care are designed to address any physical limitations.

Metabolic Bone Disease is frequently seen in captive wild cats when rescued from private owners, breeders, and roadside zoos. It is now illegal for private individuals to own, breed and sell tigers in the U.S., under a law that PAWS and TIA have championed.

Tigers in America was happy to provide the funding for transport, and will continue to fund veterinary care for big cats at TIA sanctuaries through the TIA Medicare Program.