Rescued Lion Cubs Now Besties

In 2022 two lion cubs were found wandering the streets in two different countries in Eastern Europe—Nikola in Montenegro and Vasylyna in Ukraine. They were both transported to FELIDA, a big cat sanctuary in the Netherlands that specializes in caring for physically and mentally traumatized big cats. Once recovered, the vets and animal handlers attempted to socialize them, a long and dangerous process to see if they can live together. The duo nicknamed ‘Nikolyna’ are now inseparable.

After regular crate training to prepare them for travel, Nikola and Vasylyna were transported to their forever home at the larger LIONSROCK sanctuary in South Africa. According to FOUR PAWS, “Now they have the chance to thrive in a species-appropriate habitat that allows them to express their natural behaviors. They can enjoy their companionship under the African sun in even vaster surroundings than before.”

TIGERS IN AMERICA was happy to provide the funding for ground transport for their rescue and relocation.