Thailand Rescue Continues

The Mukda Tiger Farm was closed by Thai authorities. The farm, located in Northern Thailand near the Laotian border, served as a breeding facility to sell tigers and tiger parts into Vietnam and China. 51 tigers and leopards were left with no visible means of support. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), a sanctuary south of Bangkok, agreed to take them and TIA agreed to help. 12 tigers and 3 leopards who urgently needed medical care were transferred first (see our news story here.)

In March, WFFT returned to transport another 5 cats—3 tigers and 2 leopards. After a journey spanning 3 days and 500 miles, they arrived at WFFT and were introduced to their new outdoor enclosures, lakes, trees, and the veterinary care.

The original group have made an amazing recovery and we are hopeful the second group will recover as well.

TIGERS IN AMERICA was happy to fund the transportation and medical care for these cats.

Photo credit: WFFT